How To Find the Best 3D Architecture Visualizers

3D visualization helped
many different industries plan new projects and present them to their potential clients and investors. In recent years, 3D visualization has almost eradicated conventional 2D blueprints and presentations with detailed and easy-to-understand portrayals of future projects.

Architecture is one of the industries affected by the rise of 3D rendering technologies. Since its implementation in this business sphere, 3D rendering technology has helped companies manage their projects much more efficiently and even spot mistakes before the execution.

Although many would prefer to hire a professional architecture firm to plan their projects, many clients turn to a much more affordable but efficient way to create their ideas in 3D projections. Freelance 3D architectural visualizers are now a valuable asset to all building companies looking to improve their presentation and avoid making mistakes while the project is well on the way.

Online services like EasyRender offer a vast number of artists ready to take even the most complicated tasks. However, here are a few things to consider when choosing an artist to fit your preferences.

Check out their website portfolio

Every serious freelancer or a company should have a well-designed portfolio website to showcase their abilities and past projects. Website portfolios act as an extension of a freelancer’s CV with a higher level of details portraying his skill palette. 

When looking for an expert with a certain skill set to create your future project in 3D render, you should spend some time exploring his online presentation. A true professional will make an effort to create a portfolio that will showcase his finest work and everything he has to offer to his potential clients.

Some freelancers will even hire professional firms to create a website portfolio for them, as they don’t have much luck creating something unique to attract clients. Either way, if you’re out looking for a 3D architectural artist, their portfolio is the first thing that should catch your attention. 

However, we recommend that you keep an eye on those trying to portray themselves a bit unrealistic in their portfolio. Some artists tend to create projects from science fiction that are unrealistic and have no place in genuine architecture. 

Another wise thing to do is not grabbing the first artist you find suitable. Spend time browsing portfolios until you make a shortlist from which you can pick the best one.

Check their blog as well

Blogging is another way 3D rendering professionals can showcase their knowledge about architecture and visualization. Even if you still don’t understand everything about this type of 3D presentation, you can spend time reading their articles about the potential and implementation of this technology in the architecture industry.

Freelancers who wrote blogs and educated potential clients about 3D architectural visualization post their work on their websites. These blogs offer valuable information to enhance your business by implementing 3D rendering technologies into preparation and project execution.

While some post their blogs directly on their websites, some freelancers write blogs as guests for professional magazines and architectural news portals online. Writing for some of the best architecture news providers is a true testimony of a freelancer with a high level of knowledge. 

We recommend spending extra time reading different blogs from different artists, as you will have a better insight into the artist’s overall knowledge and his expertise in the field of 3D rendering architecture. An artist with a high level of knowledge will become a valuable asset to your company in the future.

What experience do they have?

What can you learn from reading artist’s portfolios and blogs? 

The main thing is that you will have an exclusive insight into their previous projects and overall experience in 3D architectural visualization. Would you prefer to hire a freelancer with an established career and a solid client base, or would you prefer a rising star still unknown in architectural circles?

You should plan according to your needs and your financial capabilities, as you’ll find out there’s a large margin in payrolls between the two groups. 

Let’s say that you’re looking for someone that can make a difference by incorporating his vast experience in architecture to enhance your company’s capabilities. In that case, look for those 3D visualizers with presented referrals and past clients list to learn more about their previous experience.

If the artist showed remarkable skills and knowledge in the past, you won’t have difficulties figuring out if you should invest your resources in hiring him for your future projects. The work should speak for itself, and it’s always the best way to look into an artist’s past projects to get the bigger picture.

Talk to their previous clients

In a world filled with competition between companies, we tend to forget to communicate with each other to find solutions from which we could all benefit. Thankfully, not all companies keep their doors shut for others looking for referrals and advice about their previous contractors.

When a 3D architectural artist presents his work to you, hoping to sign a contract with you, check the clients behind the project. Approach them for their opinion and referral about the freelancer’s work and behavior while executing the project.

By asking for first-hand information about their satisfaction and the project’s success, previous clients can give you the best idea about the expectations the artist can deliver. Even though some competitors might avoid giving such information, we’re sure that many would gladly help you out if you approach them the right way.

Listen to referrals

In the best-case scenario, a 3D rendering artist will present you with a list of referrals. By getting their contacts, you can avoid searching for them in an old-fashioned way and contact their offices directly. 

By presenting referrals, the artist shows a level of confidence backed by satisfied clients when negotiating a contract with your company. However, remember that 3D rendering experts will only present you with a list of satisfied customers and avoid any unhappy ones. 

Even though hardly anyone would refer you to an unhappy client, you can use the information gathered from the list to listen to their experience when dealing with a specific artist. Try to make contact with all of them, and write down all the pros and cons of working with a certain artist and check if they match.

If all of them confirm the same or similar things about the artist, you will get the best idea of what to expect if you decide to hire him. After completing your project successfully, you might end up on the artist’s referral list and advise others in the same position as yours right now.

Do they have any publications?

Architectural magazines and internet portals are still valuable sources of information where we can learn new things and get ideas to enhance our businesses. The publications in these magazines and websites have some of the finest experts behind them. 

If you’re already following and reading materials from such sources of information, you can pay close attention to the experts behind the articles and presented projects. As mentioned above, many of the experts can write articles as guests on these portals and magazines, and you can look them up to hire them for your future project.

In some cases, magazines and websites will highlight outstanding architectural marvels made by some of the best in the business. They would never forget the mentioned person in charge of engineering such fine work, and you can use the piece of information as a referral.

If you’re looking for the best in the business, referring publications in the best architecture media is a slick move towards hiring someone special dedicated to his job and projects in front of them.

Don’t expect the lowest prices

Everything outstanding and made in high quality comes with a hefty price tag on it. The same goes with 3D architectural rendering services, in which you would have to pay more to get the best results and a high-quality product.

It all comes down to how much you’re willing to invest into a 3D render, and often, companies that choose a path where they would hire someone for less money end up unsatisfied with the results. You can expect to spend a bit more when approaching someone with a high level of skill and knowledge.

However, the chances of getting a high-quality product made on the agreed deadline are much higher if you’re willing to invest more.

In another case, if you’re willing to give a chance to an uprising star in the 3D architecture visualization business, you can gamble your money and reputation. It’s a huge risk you would take, and we don’t recommend doing it on big and expensive projects.

If you want to give an inexperienced artist a chance, you can test them on a smaller project until you build trust in their work and abilities. 

They listen to your ideas

When interviewing a 3D rendering artist for your future projects, see if they are listening closely to your ideas and wishes. Some of them have stubborn personalities and won’t accept any proposals while working on a project.

They should always be aware that you’re in charge of the project and that your ideas should always come first. A 3D rendering artist who can listen closely to your ideas will have no issues making them a reality.

However, keep in mind that presenting ideas should go both ways. Working with an experienced 3D visualization expert, you should always get feedback on your ideas and how to enhance them. An expert should already have a couple of tricks up his sleeves, and he can make your ideas even better.

Communication is one of the main things you should work on when dealing with a 3D expert, and keep an eye from the start if he is ready to listen to your ideas and vision. As it works both ways, don’t get offended if someone with a high level of knowledge proposes changes and upgrades that could benefit the whole project.

Freelancers or architecture companies?

Now the main question is, should you hire freelance artists found on EasyRender, or should you trust architecture companies to handle your project? 

Everything comes down to finance, and if you don’t want to spend too much cash for expensive services from architecture companies, hiring an expert freelancer is a perfect choice. You won’t make a mistake if you choose either of two, but one will make a bigger dent in your budget than the other.

Hiring a freelance 3D rendering expert will get you the best value for the money. With a careful approach, you can find an expert that will do everything an architectural company would, but for less money and without any taxation. 

However, consider the size of your project and if one person could handle such a task. Bigger projects demand more brainpower and labor hours, in which architectural companies come best. With more experts in their team, they could handle some of the biggest projects imaginable compared to a single freelancer. 

For smaller projects manageable by a single soul, hiring a freelancer is an economic decision, and it could lead to great things in the future. 

In conclusion

These are the key points you should pay attention to when looking for a 3D architectural artist to put your thoughts into reality. Your options are almost unlimited, as many creative minds turned to 3D rendering as their occupation.

A careful approach and a proper interview is the key to hiring someone truly capable of creating the finest work for your company. Spend some extra time when looking for the right professional, and we’re sure you’ll find an expert that suits your needs. 

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