5 Best Online B2B portals to grow your startup in 2022

As the world is swiftly growing these days due to the emergence of multiple technologies and techniques that have brought up great ease to our daily lives. The same goes for electronic commerce. It has completely transformed the process of buying and selling.

Ecommerce is a vast and detailed term that includes various categories like B2B B2C C2B C2C. B2B eCommerce is the most popular of all of them these days. B2B eCommerce has existed in the eCommerce market for a long time but it emerged right after the catastrophic event of COVID19.

B2B or business to business technique is mainly used by the wholesalers; it mainly includes goods and services that are not directly used by the buyers like copper in bulk, steel in bulk, or other raw materials. When it comes to the provision of services it includes software development, hardware fixing, etc.

Effective B2B platforms to grow startup business

When you start a business, it takes longer to become notable and generate your desired revenue. But in case you use effective strategies for its growth and development you can fasten the whole process.

Prior to diving into the market, you must have to understand the product needs in the market, whether the product you are going to sell has a demand in current times or not.

Secondly, you need to identify the target audience which you will be persuading

The last and not the least is to choose a platform that lies to your requirement and fits best on your company’s model.

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Below are a few notable platforms that will definitely help you to grow your business no matter if you are a business that has just started and looking for a notable place in the industry or is already near to success.

1. eWorldTrade

eWorldtrade is the most commonly used online B2B eCommerce marketplace that is used by buyers all across the globe. eWorldTrade is continuously expanding since its launch. They are running a great platform that is fulfilling its buyers and sellers’ needs effectively. It helps in wholesaling. It allows customers to buy and sell in a bulk quantity. Many businesses choose efficient sellers from eWorldTrade and make a purchase in bulk to run their own business.

2. Amazon

While there is a huge discussion about B2B marketplaces so it will not be the right approach if Amazon does not discuss here. Amazon assists the business to make buying and selling efficient and cost-effective. It has the best product catalog that any website ever has with the enthralling feature of reordering.

3. Alibaba

Alibaba has its roots in China. It is successfully helping buyers and sellers in spreading Chinese products all over the world but it is not just limited to the Chinese products. Its product catalog includes other internationally demanded products too. Its website has a great feature of having numerous products. The user-friendly website and mobile application are very easy to use, having a search option, and a personalized catalog.

4. AliExpress

AliExpress is also having the most prominent name in the B2B marketplace. It is also rooted in China, promoting and introducing Chinese products to the other countries and working as a subordinate of Alibaba but it is not as massive as Alibaba. They offer the best shipping methods and an amazing discount policy. The website and mobile app are full of exciting and user-friendly features so that anyone can make a purchase through them regardless of age.

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5. Global sources

It is one of those B2B marketplaces that use customer-focused approaches. It is important to note that they believe in delivering fraud-free products and services and for this, they have their own assessment system. Their appealing websites have the features like responsive call-to-action tools, and products that can be easily navigated, one can track his order after the order confirmation. It has a user-friendly interface that attracts the user’s attention and makes buying and selling easy and effective.

Reasons to choose the B2B eCommerce platform for the business

There are multiple reasons to opt for the b2B eCommerce platforms for the growth of the business. Few of them are notable.

1. It will generate more revenue and minimize the needless cost

In this modern time, there are multiple tactics for growing business and reducing the cost at the same time. It is all possible just because of the implementation of new technologies and allowing us to practice them in our daily lives. By running all the company’s operations remotely like client data entry, customer service, and customer info provider, the cost can be cut down to a greater extent. It will be a cost-effective approach for your company though.

2. It will strengthen your company’s notability

Notability, reliability, and validity, these three are the primary things to prove the credibility of any company or business. Having an e-commerce store can help you uplift your company’s notability. The more your business is popular on the web the more notable you become.

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3. It will provide genuine buyers’ experience

With the help of clients’ feedback using a feedback tool like Qualtrics or its alternatives, companies gain their long-term interests. Such as building trust in their website visitors. A review from a potential buyer always helps in influencing more and more audiences and turning your website visitors into potential buyers.

4. It will help to influence new markets

It will help you to reach out to new markets by the most effective means. You can reach more markets while working digitally because you do not have to depend on the availability of your team. You can respond 24/7 to the prospective buyers through the digital medium.

5.  It will upsurge your company’s sales

When you captivate more audience’s attention you get more sales and it heightens your sales to the next level. When your business is digitally available, and you have a great enthralling website that captivates user’s attention with its multiple features and available products recommendations on the corner so there is more chance that the website visitor will turn into potential buyers, then it is obvious that it will definitely boost sales.

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