How You Can Increase Subscribers on YouTube

According to recent studies, YouTube is the second most-visited site on the web, and there is no surprise that it has been one of the famous and accessible video marketing platforms for brands over the past few years. So now is the right time for you to figure out how to promote your YouTube channel.

Here are the 10 realistic and efficient ways to gain more subscribers on your YouTube channel.

1. Appeal to your viewers to subscribe to your channel

It may sound conventional. As users ourselves, we may admit that we sometimes forgot to hit the subscribe button. Instantly asking your audience to like and subscribe is a decisive and instrumental way to gain more YouTube subscribers.

Also, we strongly suggest adding a subscriber watermark button on all your videos. This watermark seems to be not a familiar feature to every content creator, but YouTube provided it. This allows creators to upload a small icon as a watermark for all their videos. This enables creators to make subscribing to their channel easy for users by simply clicking or tapping the button inside your video, and they will be instantly subscribed to your channel.

2.  Construct better and searchable titles and descriptions for your videos.

Do your best to familiarize yourself with a popular keyword and identify some good terms people are searching for in your video title – do YouTube SEO. Note that a good title delivers a perspective about the video’s purpose or objective and encourages people to click and watch it.

Constructing a description for your videos could suffice as an entire post itself. We suggest that the first couple of lines on your descriptions should be written so that they are easily searchable. Also, you should use some of the keywords you used in your title to have coherence and improve your ranking ability.

3. Create watchable content and focus on quality, not quantity, on your videos.

I know you might think that this tip is pretty obvious, but we would like to reiterate that the only way to really stand out from the others and grow your subscriber base is to create the best of the best content in your channel. To accomplish this, you have to do some planning during pre-production, and here are few ways to be better than your competition:

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> Find a more innovative way to do it better than your competitors by watching their videos, taking notes of some of the most intriguing parts, and using it to your advantage.

> Improve your script to take on the story you are trying to convey most powerfully in your videos. Remember that telling a story can attract people to see themselves in them or relate to it.

> Having the right equipment and a solid in-house studio for your channel will lead to better video creation.

> If you want to boost extra traffic to your channel, find YouTubers to create collab videos 

4. Establish binge-able playlists on your channel.

Playlists keep people on your channel longer and show them continuity with your content along with a multitude of quality content. At the same time, this will keep your video content highly organized. Take note that when you establish a playlist, your goal is concentrating on a long-term course that will drive people to subscribe and stay engaged in your channel. For instance, they could participate in a playlist of all YouTube challenges, wherein they can use their mobile phone to watch it anytime, anywhere they needed to.

5. Make contact with your audience by replying to every comment

Proposing a question on your videos and laying it to the top of the thread is the best approach to show off potential subscribers that you wanted to hear from your community on YouTube.

In fact, when you take your time to interact with your niche community, it can promote audience participation and eventually have a larger fanbase. Also, it shows how much you value an opinion, and it might drive more subscribers to your channel.

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6. Come up with an excellent and engaging channel icon

We all know that your channel icon appears in all places on YouTube. That is why it is crucial to create and upload a custom thumbnail for your entire channel. The channel icon or thumbnail is the first impression a potential subscriber sees, and it shows your distinction from other search results. In a matter of seconds, your channel icon might be the ultimate game-changer for your channel.

7. Get the best out of your Channel Trailer

A channel trailer is a short-featured video set on the homepage of your YouTube channel to share with viewers what you are all about. A trailer is the best opportunity to tell new visitors when they can expect new videos and why they should subscribe.

Here are some strategies for producing an effective channel trailer:

> Start your trailer with your channel’s tagline.

> Have your trailer play for about a minute long since YouTube says that shorter trailers convert best.

> Your trailer is the best platform to advertise your best content. You could have a  20 – 30 second highlight reel in the middle of your trailer. This way, viewers can instantly experience the type of content you are publishing on your channel.

8. Promote your channel through other social media platforms and on your blogs/website

Being present and involved on multiple social media platforms is now a prerequisite for everyone in this age of social media. Being discoverable and engaging is a must if you are trying to build a brand, and to do this, you have to be active on major social media platforms like TikTok, Facebook, etc.

When you put on your channel a new video, this is the time to take the opportunity to promote your content on other social media channels you have and prompt people to subscribe. If someone pursues you on any available social media platform and enjoys your blogs, they could also stick to you on another way- in this case, subscribing to your YouTube channel.

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9. Come up with timeless and classic YouTube videos

A striking way to steadily generate subscribers is by creating a favorite old-time content. These are videos that will be relevant whether they are viewed today or five years in the future. Look at your niche and see if you can create “how-to” videos that could stand the test of time and provide value to your channel.

If you’re out of ideas in general, check out the list of YouTube ideas on

10. Give incentive to people to subscribe to your channel

I guess we all are familiar with the power of bribery. You should offer your audience something in return for all of the active engagement on your YouTube channel. You can give away anything you want, like a branded t-shirt. Whatever you plan on giving away, your audience will love the concept of getting a freebie, and they will share their experience with all their friends (if your prize is really fabulous.) It became a free viral promotion to your channel. We strongly suggest that the best thing you are giving away is relatable to your channel. If it is not, I am sure your audience will still appreciate getting something for free.


Gaining YouTube subscribers takes a lot of time, patience, and consistency. There are no overnight results, but we know that when you keep exploring and experimenting, seeing which of the techniques in this article works for you. Keep track of your changes and see how it affects your audience’s behavior. Pay close attention to detail from your channel title to channel icon will make a slight difference, and for each improvement, it may deliver a better YouTube experience to maximize your reach.  In the long run, you might see that you are getting more subscribers for your channel.

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