15 Small Business Ideas For 2022

In a world full of billions of people, all of them with unique minds, it is difficult to find novel ideas and more importantly, businesses that thrive on such ideas. Innovation and an X-factor are definite keys to a successful new business but sticking to the book can also help. In fact, a well-strategized old school business idea can grow quick enough to help you reach a breakeven point within a few months. Some of the entries in the list do not require any sort of investment at all, although prior qualifications are required. 

Freelance Web Developer

Things are moving quickly towards a digital world and the demand for development of individual and dedicated digital platforms is growing. Even small businesses like a medium-sized restaurant or a catering service have a website that explains what they do. The internet has opened to them, a whole new domain for leads and potential customers. If you have the right skills, you can develop websites for clients based on a convenient pricing model and become a freelance web developer or hire WordPress experts. If you have no knowledge about development or coding, you can use content management systems such as WordPress, Wix, or Pixpa. If you are interested, try learning about the MEAN stack of development frameworks, although the learning curve is steep for non-coders. 

Freelance Graphic Designer

Making new content for businesses is always in demand. Text-based content is mundane and has little effect on the viewers when compared to graphical content. Designing captivating infographics, flowcharts, and animations can bring in a lot of attention from companies. Many online tutorials on graphic designing are free and you can start learning now.


Knowing a language other than your mother tongue can work wonders for you especially if your current place of residence is in a tourist hotspot. You can always relocate as well if you see a bigger customer base somewhere else. For example, imagine a place where people from a particular country, say India, flock in large numbers throughout the year. If you know how to speak fluent Hindi, you can make some money out of it. Not only is this business idea excellent for serving tourists but it is also great for catering to businessmen, diplomats, foreign artists etc.

Freelance Photographer

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Freelance photography can prove to be the next great decision that you make in terms of your career. Investments are moderate and you can get started as quickly as possible. Also, there are several options to choose from; you can particularly pursue wedding photography or go with covering all kinds of gatherings and events, the options are endless. Product photography, nature photography, fashion photography, sports, etc; you can keep on adding more stuff to the list. If you know how to capture stunning photographs, go for it! Checkout Rachael Burgess resources for taking beautiful maternity photographs.

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Tour Guide

Do you love the place where you live and know it like the back of your hand? A tour guide job wouldn’t hurt your chances. To add to this, if you are native to a tourist hotspot, then you have an upper hand. Say for example you live in Jaipur or New Delhi, a tour guide has an average income of 300K per annum. This figure is for someone who is working a job. If you decide to start your own business, then this figure might as well reach 400% more than the aforementioned number. 


People pay for genuine advice. If you have good knowledge in any field, especially the technical arena, you can use this to earn a fair sum of money along with helping people. Consulting requires little investment to start and with time, you can gather a team of like-minded people and launch a fully fledged consulting outfit.

Event Planner

Event planning requires meticulous organising skills and if you are good at it, you can become an event planner in no time. As is the case with many entries on this list, you need very little money to get started; just a knack for management is all you need. As an event planner, you need to work with your clients to bring them sponsorship and business opportunities. Check out this amazing guide by pc/nametag to learn more: The Guide to Securing Virtual Event Sponsorship and Donors 

Fitness Trainer

If you love to hit the gym and have been doing so for some time, it would be safe to assume that you have learned a few tricks and secrets of fitness and workouts. Apart from this, you must be well-acquainted with the basics, of course. This is a zero-investment idea which would work great for someone who is low on funds. Try getting a certification or start reading well-researched content on fitness, nutrition, and overall health before starting. As a fitness trainer, you can release your own app after making a name for yourself. Chris Hemsworth did the same by releasing his app ‘centr’. You can check out the review of the app here:  centr review

Content Writer

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Content Writer is a job for people who have a good grasp on writing and coming up with new content. To add to this, if you are well-read, it helps you write better and stronger articles and blogs. Create your own one page resume using active verbs and strong adjectives. Use that to build a strong personal website. Check out these fantastic blogging tips from Wild Fig Marketing to increase your exposure. The payoff is great and quick as well. Content writers usually get paid on a ‘per word’ basis but you can sign a contract for a limited time period as well. Content Writing is a zero-investment business idea with awesome returns. All you need is an electronic device; a mobile phone or a laptop and you are all set. Check out this article from Susan Greene for tips to start your freelance copywriting gig. Here’s some more tips from art writer Ruth Millington. You could add another income stream by writing your own book and self publishing it. However in order to earn royalties , you’d need a good marketing plan.

Ecommerce Store Owner

An ecommerce is an online store where customers purchase stuff and get it delivered at their doorsteps. Although this idea requires a moderate-sized investment and a continuous flow of income for marketing and pushing your products, once the cogs are oiled properly, you can become the owner of lucrative business. Also, you can sell anything on ecommerce so you have a plethora of options to choose from. If you are launching an eCommerce store its important to have a loyalty program. It helps you to get loyal customers and drive more sales.

Non Profit Organisation

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Non Profit Organisations are a great means of giving something back to the world where you live. Serving humanity and doing something for a greater good is always a welcome change from the rat race that is our lives. Not only is it good for the soul, you can actually collaborate with large companies and monetize your efforts while doing a good deed or two.

Private Tutor

Are you good at imparting what you know? Have you ever enjoyed teaching your younger siblings or your neighbour? How about making a career out of it. Private tutoring is increasing in demand as greedy educational institutions are admitting more and more students. Parents want their children to get proper attention and this has become a luxury in recent times. Why not cash on this idea and earn a few bucks while shaping young minds.

Boutique Owner

Customers love to purchase unique stuff and this includes clothing. As a boutique owner, you can curate apparels and sell them at a margin. A small-sized initial investment is all you need. You can also sell personalised as well as bespoke items of clothing to target a particular set of customer base.   

Packers & Movers

All you need is a proper means of transport and a team of strong gentlemen and voila! You can start a packers and movers business in no time. The profit margins are high and the more business you bring in, the easier it will be to pay off your staff and cover the operational costs such as lifting equipment, fueling, and packaging.


A knack for management, a talented chef and a small-sized investment for kitchen equipment is all you need to get your catering business going. Catering is a hyperlocal business and you can wrap in people from your current network and serve them some delicious food at their parties. Also, after the initial investment, the operational costs are not as high as some of the other businesses discussed here.


Starting anything new, albeit risky, can be very rewarding if done properly. The sense of ownership and flexibility are also great bonus points that you get when starting a new business. Dive into it with the right intentions and proper research and you won’t go wrong.