10 Marketing Blogs To Follow In 2021

Although prior research is crucial whenever good decision making is required, the stakes differ from one field to another. Certain variables increase the risk factor and failure under such circumstances can be suicidal for the company. Marketing is a game with a high-risk factor. In-depth research before infusing money and workforce are mandatory for success. This goes for all shapes and sizes of marketing. Marketing is also highly experience-dependent. Learning how other companies are marketing and strategies adopted by competitors is also key to building a successful campaign. 

A successful marketing campaign depends on so many factors that it is effortless to miss vital critical points. On the internet, however, the amount of information available is immense. If the research is done correctly, a successful campaign is a remote possibility and a standard formula that works every time. The list of blogs and literature built around marketing is almost inexhaustible. New content is being published more rapidly than you can read them. In this scenario, it is also crucial to pick out the best ones and filter out the rest. This list of marketing blogs is a must-read for marketers and general enthusiasts. 


Mention is one of the best marketing blogs out there. With a rich and varied collection of well-researched blogs, Mention includes every topic you need to know to get started. With its focus mainly around digital marketing, the blog has content developed around SEO, SMM, AdWords, and so much more. You can sort through the content via the interactive search bar, and the blogs are categorized very conveniently as well. Some of the top categories include ‘Media Monitoring’, ‘Agencies’, ‘Trends’, and of course, ‘Social Media’. The blogs are generally built in a tutorial form and a very easy-to-follow fashion. You can also write for the blog and contribute to the community.


Another collection of well-written content, Buffer focuses mainly on social media publishing. With the sharp rise in the demand for digital marketing and especially during the pandemic when people are running businesses remotely, Buffer offers excellent solutions and tips. The content is easy to comprehend and is perfect for beginners and well-established digital marketers and agencies. Buffer also has other trademarks functioning under it, such as Overflow, Open, and Flow. For marketers, Flow is the place to go. You can also find helpful case studies on big companies who have made their name in marketing or have adopted successful marketing strategies. 


As the name suggests, SEMrush’s main field of interest is Search Engine Marketing or SEM. However, they are not limited to this. Other focus points include SEO, PPC, eCommerce, and competitors research. You can also track your rankings on Google Maps via the blogging website’s new tool. The frequency of published blogs is too high, and the medium will keep you engaged for hours. You will also find content that is designed to educate new digital marketers. Apart from this, you can also find eBooks, podcasts, and webinars on this website. SEMrush is a great place to begin if you are intrigued by the vast field of marketing in general and digital marketing in particular.


AppCues is another excellent place to visit, primarily if your interest field lies in user onboarding. User onboarding, if you don’t know what it means, is a process or a set of steps to guide users to get more from your product. User onboarding allows you to educate people about your service or product to understand the uniqueness and the viability of it. Anyway, AppCues excels in helping marketers with user onboarding. Apart from this, you will find general content in nature, but these are pretty helpful as well. Every week, the blogging platform publishes one to two articles. 

Check out this article from Family Road Trip Guru for more tips on blog writing.

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Hubspot is one of the big sharks of the marketing blogs. Excelling in content built around inbound marketing, HubSpot is a massive collection of outstanding articles, blogs, guides, walkthroughs, and listicles. Apart from marketing, HubSpot also has a sales category which is equally as brilliant as its marketing counterpart. The blog offers readers a chance to fully educate themselves on running an establishment that promises success to itself as well as its employees. You can also contribute as a guest writer on HubSpot. With the help of guest writers, HubSpot has built a community of people with the right mix of experience and knowledge. It also allows users to understand the perspectives of marketers from different industries.

Content Marketing Institute

It’s in the name. Content marketing is one of the most common and most demanded services. Designing content based on a product, a service, or even an idea is challenging. Engaging readers with words and graphics and tapping its power to engage users with call to actions is a job that requires a proper skill set. Every week, they publish updates on the field of content marketing under the section, ‘this week in content marketing’. They have many contributors or guest writers akin to some of the other blogging platforms on this list.


CXL focuses on experimentation and testing; two significant steps in running a campaign. Another field where CXL’s content excels is lead conversion, a much-sought-after point. After all, it is all about making sales and monetizing the traffic. Other than this, you can also find a general collection of articles and blogs. One of the blogs that we enjoyed the most is their take on alternatives on A/B testing (link). CXL is more technical than the other entries on this list, and readers might come across terms that they are unfamiliar with; a great way to learn new stuff and implement it. 


Hotjar is a blog that revolves around tools and software that streamline digital marketing. Hotjar offers a heat mapping tool of its own as well. Hotjar’s tool mentioned above helps users track user behaviour and understand the thought behind their decisions. Check out their fantastic tool here. Their blog also focuses on educating marketers, understanding marketing strategies, and providing tips and guides to businesses on digital platforms. Like Buffer, Hotjar also uses case studies to explain successful campaigns and business strategies. 


Sugatan is an eCommerce growth-hacking agency that grows businesses by harmonizing data and creatives. They specialize in all things Facebook ads, Influencer marketing, and overall creatives that convert 2-4x ROAS on ice-cold audience. On their blog, they provide proven insights, lessons, and other growth-hacks that take eCommerce businesses to 7 figures and above. Best of all, almost all of their blog posts are based on experience and proven strategies. You can expect eCommerce marketing guides that go incredibly in-depth (6K-10K+ words), they publish content approximately twice per month and discuss all things eCommerce in their Facebook group. You can also find helpful case studies designed to educate eCommerce marketers regardless of their level

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Inside Google Ads 

Google Ads’ official blog that helps users understand Google Adwords’ intricaciesthe platform is excellent for both beginners and professionals. The frequency of new articles is not that high, but the existing pieces are top-notch in quality. You can also learn about running campaigns on other popular platforms by Google such as YouTube. 


All entries on this list will help you move forward with making tough yet right marketing decisions. When you are injecting money, time, and efforts into a campaign, it is evident that you want the best results possible. For that, you need genuine knowledge and know-how of industry secrets. These marketing blogs will help you achieve that.