Photography, like any other realm in the giant universe of art, has a lot to offer in terms of variety and uniqueness. Photography is all about tingling our visual senses and treating us with a pure sensation of what the artist wants to convey and every picture is a journey into the photographer’s mind. Whether it is strictly aesthetic or has something to do with journalism, fashion, or sports, we all enjoy a well taken picture. The least we can do for art is to appreciate the efforts that artists make and the first step towards achieving this is awareness. The more you know, the better, and so we bring a list of types of photography that you might want to explore at your leisure. If you have an eCommerce business or selling products on eCommerce websites, you can use this product photography equipment setup to take stunning product photos and increase your sales.

Abstract Photography

Abstract photography is the perfect example of conveying a lot without saying much. This kind of photography is hard to define but you immediately spot an abstract piece when you see one. It has more to do with color composition, textures, shapes, light, and using naturally-occuring patterns. An abstract photograph mostly does not depict an object or a person in their complete form. It can be a largely zoomed-in picture of a common object that you might not recognise at first glance. Abstract photography is a treat for people who love to read between the lines and delve deeper into the psyche of the artist. Being a good photographer is also an art but if you’re a budding artist looking for some tips to hone your artistic skills check out this article by Karen Weihs.

Still Life Photography

Defining still life photography within the realms of photography itself is like comparing infinity to infinity. But, ‘some infinities are greater than other infinities’. In simpler terms, still life photography is huge and it deals with clicking pictures of inanimate objects. The purpose behind this can be several; commercial, journalistic, or artistic. Still life photography demands good knowledge of color composition, arrangement of objects in the picture, and lighting. Here’s another useful resource for using vanishing point in your photography by Art Smart Manila to enhance your pictures. Still life photography encompasses product photography, food photography, architecture photography, etc. 

Sports Photography

Sport photography is an intricate art that requires deep knowledge of photography equipment and gear as well as a knack for clicking climactic images and capturing amazing videos. The angling of the camera to the type of sports you are dealing with, sports photography brings a lot of challenges with itself but the rewards are worth it. Every sport has a different set of skill requirements from its photographers; a soccer photographer’s regular day at the office is far different from a boxing photographer’s.

Food Photography 

Your job is to tickle the taste buds of people without the actual food in front of them. It might sound difficult for someone like us but this is what a food photographer excels at. Food photography is a type of still life photography but it has found a large space for itself. A food photographer might find themselves employed in some of the following places; clicking pictures for a restaurant menu, capturing plated artworks by top chefs, managing social media handles for food bloggers and restaurants, clicking advertisements for large food chains, etc.

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Fashion Photography

It is one of the first kinds of photography to have been used and it is not surprising considering our obsession with our own bodies. Fashion photography finds huge demand in magazines, advertisements for the clothing industry, and influencer’s social media handles. Check out this amazing article on maternity dress from Sweet Softies for pregnancy photo shoot. Fashion photography will introduce you to many different locations and scenic views and give you a peek into how subjects are focused on and used to capture the attention of viewers by professional fashion photographers. In fashion photography, sometimes you will have to work with inexperienced models these posing tips will greatly increase the aesthetic of your pictures

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Checking out fashion magazines for the latest trends will help you stand out from others. Here’s another excellent resource that will help you choose outfits for your senior picture by Traci Sproule Photography.

Golden Hour Photography

Since this listicle deals with educating our audience about different kinds of photography, this entry is something you might not have heard of although photographs of this kind are pretty common. Golden hour photography deals with capturing pictures at sunrise or at sunset when the lighting from the sky is a beautiful shade of orange. Golden hour photography relies on lighting more than anything less but also involves the right kind of camera equipment to complement it. A similar kind of photography is the blue hour photography where pictures are captured after sunset using cues from twilight. To know more about this kind of photography check out this guide.

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Indoor Photography

As the name suggests, indoor photography involves clicking pictures inside a room or a studio. Indoor photography can overlap with product photography, still life photography, fashion photography, high-speed photography, etc. For example, check out these fantastic studio family portraits by Natasha Staszak. Due to limited ambient lighting, a lot of work goes into finding the right configuration to click these pictures. Assistance is also sometimes taken from light entering through a window or a skylight.

Landscape Photography

Landscape photography and indoor photography are mutually exclusive fields of art. Landscape photography consists of capturing stunning sceneries and landscapes. This type of photography can overlap with styles such as wildlife photography, nature photography, and golden light photography. Check out this article on how to use vanishing point from Charles Cabrera in your landscape photography. Although most landscape photography deals with clicking things such as mountains, forests, rivers, oceans, etc, some photographers also capture man-made structures. Also, did you know that you can print your photos on canvas? There are so many companies like CanvasDiscount that offer such services. You should definitely check out that.

Long Exposure Photography

Long Exposure is all about the right camera and light settings. It is achieved by using a very slow shutter speed. The stationary objects are focused while the moving objects are blurred. The resultant photograph is a gorgeous mix of blurs and focused lights. Long Exposure photography is widely used to capture the night sky or moving traffic on a road although the final results are countless. 

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Editorial Photography

This kind of photography is the one you see in magazines, newspapers, and published blogs and articles  by media houses. Therefore, it can encompass a lot of other genres in itself. Most of these pictures are licensed and the photographer is given due credit for his/her works. Editorial photography compliments the text content of an article or a blog and has to be in line with the kind of content published alongside it. Photojournalists aim to click meaningful and relevant pictures that give you a good idea about the article.  

Product Photography

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The images that you see on an ecommerce website or an offline brochure are all results of product photography. Product photographers click clear and visually appealing pictures of articles for sale or showcasing. The aim is to attract customers and all work goes into that. Apart from this, large sharks such as Amazon and Alibaba have certain standards that the product photographs need to stick to and the photographer needs to take care of that. Most of these standards are designed to help the consumers get a good idea about how the product looks and feels.

Similarly, toy photography is also an emerging photography genre. Toy photographers take photographs of toys. In other words, the objective isn’t to require item shots of toys but rather to utilize toys to make pictures that tell a bigger story. If you want to see some cool toy photography, check out this blog

Wildlife Photography

One of the most challenging genres of photography, wildlife photography comprises capturing the flora and fauna of a place. The job requires patience, courage and resilience and mixes skills of landscape photography, still life photography, sports photography (or the fast paced nature of it), and many more. Some of the best photographs clicked every year fall under this genre. Just visit the Instagram handles of National Geographic or BBC Earth and you will get an idea about the level of skill required to pull off the awesomeness behind wildlife photography. Nature photography is closely linked with this genre. Don’t forget to make sure it is an ethical wildlife experience, here’s a complete guide by I’M 8 HOURS AHEAD.

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