Social media management tools help you and your company optimize the way you handle social media platforms. These tools aid you in making the most out of your time that you spend on these platforms. There is too much noise on these channels to pay heed to everything. Then there are your own promotional campaigns and account management hassles that you need to deal with. Let a digital assistant share some of these tasks with you and help you boost your productivity on social media platforms. Following is a list of the best social media tools that will carry some of the weight for you.

Native Analytics by Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

These top three social media platforms have in-built analytics tools to aid digital marketers and business owners in monitoring the performance of their posts. Facebook Analytics lets you see the number of likes, comments, shares, and the number of impressions of any post and provides an interactive UI to compare different post engagements. You can also compare your posts’ performances with your competitors. Instagram Analytics are more friendly in our opinion though. You get a real feel of how much your posts are reaching out to your audience. You can see the demographics of your audience as well. Twitter Analytics allows you to see your best posts along with the data that Facebook and Instagram also provide. You get a real feel of your audience’s interest areas and their behavioural patterns.


Hootsuite deserves the top spot on this list for the very simple reason that it offers almost all the features required to properly handle your social media accounts. With integrations with more than 30 different social media platforms, Hootsuite is great for designing content, scheduling posts, monitoring their performance, analysing competitors, etc. You can schedule posts by importing a CSV file as well. You can check out keywords and see the current trending topics on the internet. The software also allows integrations with Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc. There is also a Chrome extension available for quick access. Moreover, there is also a free plan available.

Paid plans start at 39$/month billed annually. 


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Somiibo is an all-in-one social media automation software for Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and more. You can set the app to automatically engage with other profiles in your niche. The idea is that some of the profiles you engage with will follow you back and become a long-term client. For example, you can use the Twitter module which acts as a free twitter follow bot to grow your Twitter presence on auto-pilot.

Google Trends

Google Trends is completely free and amazing in its functionalities. The tool is designed to check out the latest trending search phrases on the popular search engine. Many top-notch brands rely on it to make marketing decisions. Another function of Google Trends is monitoring keyword search phrases. The analytics are shown in a graphical representation which can also be created using any data visualization tool that helps you compare different data very easily.

Google Trends is free.


PhotoADKing is design software for all media with the best graphic design tools for marketing, advertising and printing services. 10,000+ Amazing Small Business Marketing Ideas & Designs. Graphic PhotoADKing also provides different templates, flyers, brochures, business cards, covers, etc. You can make flyers online with help of this site. Create stunning graphic design for your business. Everything from Social Media Marketing, Printing Services and Video Creation. It can help you save a great deal of money in the future. That is why it stands out for being the most effective tool.


BuzzSumo helps you get a peek into what is ‘buzzing’ in the world of social media by showing the trending topics and influencers on various social media platforms. It is mainly used to understand the viability of different kinds of content based on a similar topic. Similar to Google Trends in this area, you can use BuzzSumo for comparative analysis and use the conclusions to come up with marketing strategies, both short-term as well as long-term.

Pricing starts at 79$/month.


Iconosquare is designed specially for Instagram and the analytical data it provides is certainly insightful. There are only a few analytics tools that will help you understand your performance on a social media platform better. You can also use the tool to publish new posts and stories and schedule them as well. You can post on Facebook and Twitter too with Iconosquare but Instagram is the forte of this software. The tool has integrations with Dropbox and OneDrive from where you can use your media resources. You can also make custom social feeds to monitor different users on the platform. 

Base price is 39$/month.


Canva is a popular image and video designing tool that runs on your browser with ease. Editing can be done in a simple manner and there are plenty of templates to get you started as quickly as possible. As a digital marketer in an environment with cutthroat competition, you need to deploy media content consistently without compromising with quality and Canva lets you do just that. Many of the features of this browser-based editor are free but you can upgrade to the Pro version to avail capabilities such as exporting images with a transparent background and getting access to thousands of amazing designs and stock photos.

Paid plans start at about 13$ per month.


If you want to make marketing videos quickly, Animoto is the tool to use. With tons of different features and capabilities, Animoto allows you to deploy videos to your social media handles quickly. Video editing is a skill that is pretty technical and not many people are capable of making industry-standard video content. However, Animoto makes it really simple. Similar to Adobe Spark, this video making tool can help you reach out to the audience in a more interactive and engaging manner.

Pricing starts at 5$/month.


Feedly helps you keep an eye on social media influencers and content that interests you. It gives you a good idea on how to design your own content and what premises. In technical terms, you can call Feedly an ‘RSS aggregator’ for it accumulates all the important content from various platforms and lets you sift through them. Feedly is free but you can upgrade to the paid plan for more and better features.

The basic plan starts at approximately 5.5$/month.

Zoho Social

Zoho Social is an all-in-one social media management software for Instagram, Facebook, LikedIn, Twitter, and Google. You can schedule posts and deploy them all at once on the aforementioned platforms. The software is conveniently priced and comparatively cheaper than other similar tools. You can add team members that can manage the software and add permissions based on their roles much like a CRM. Zoho Social allows you to see a real-time analysis of how your posts are faring online. You can sort out audience responses and monitor them to make better decisions. Zoho Social is also available as a mobile application on Android and iOS.

You can pay 15$/month for seven social platforms and two team members. Better plans go up accordingly.


Available as a web application as well as a mobile application, Loomly is great at suggesting trending topics, hashtags, and upcoming online events. It also gives you ideas and hashtag recommendations while you design new content and posts. Other than this, you can also schedule posts and send them out to all of the popular social platforms. Furthermore, there are analytics and monitoring options as well. 

Prices start at 34$/month. 


Social media is eating up so much of our times that it has become crucial to manage how we use it and to limit and optimize our time on it. Businesses are relying on social media more than ever. Even as a personal account user, you would feel the need to do something better with your social media handles. And as far as companies and enterprises are concerned, a helping hand is definitely required to handle the clutter and the noise from social media and turn it into something productive.


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