12 Tools To Improve Productivity In Your Business

The digital world has much to offer when it comes to boosUI of your website is one important factorting your business’ productivity. And along with UI comes typography, therefore choose your typography wisely. For example if you need to give your designs a vintage feel then use stamp fonts. From smooth schedulers to smart accounting tools, you can have it all from campaign planners to project management software. An entire productivity suite might cost you a few hundred dollars every month but the returns are multiplied to such a degree that you wouldn’t even notice the expenses. As time progresses, these software are becoming more self-reliant and intelligent. Hopefully, a day will soon come when all of the monotonous work will be done by computers. Anyway, the current technologies aren’t any less surprising and awesome. Dig into this list of tools that are designed to improve productivity in your business. 

Time Management


Toggle is a browser-based and app-based time tracking software that is ideal for freelancers, consultants, and small to moderate-sized businesses. One of the defining features of the software is its ease of access from any device. You can track your time on a project from anywhere. The user interface is also minimal and such that it is pleasing to the eyes. You can also get a bunch of free features with the software.


This software can monitor the time you spend on your computer or even a particular website. It is also available as a mobile application for Android as well as iOS. RescueTime allows you to track your time on a particular task or project and tell you about any overtime. You can also switch on notifications from the application as reminders. The application’s user interface is colorful and vibrant with a stunning theme. The software runs well on Linux as well.



Although Slab is only available as a web application, the number of features it offers is stunning. Priced at 35$/month, Slab is amazing for sharing resources and collaborating with your team. You can also collaborate on documents in real-time much like Google Docs. You can integrate it with Slack as well, another great application for team collaboration. Other integrations include GitHub and G Suite (Docs, Sheets, etc).


Asana allows you to manage your projects and your teams from one focal point. You can assign tasks, take actions on team members, send reminders, etc via this all-in-one team collaboration tool. Available as an application as well as a browser-based software, Asana is priced conveniently as well with the starting packages tagged at 9.99$/user/month. There is also a free version available. Asana is certainly as must-try if you have trouble managing large teams.



Hive is a heavy-weight scheduling software with tons of amazing functionalities. Multiple project views, workflow automation, and data analytics are just a few of them. Hive excels at the analytics part. Although there is no free plan to get a feel of the product, the incredible testimonials can vouch for it. The scheduling tool is pretty smart when it comes to giving tips on how to boost your productivity. Hive has two plans. The simplest plan is tagged at 16$/user/month. Complete pricing details can be found here.


Calendy is a no-nonsense scheduling tool that allows you to share your projects with your team members and clients. This scheduling tool is intended for freelancers and small to medium sized companies. The user interface is also intuitive but it can get cluttered when the workflows become more complex. You can sort this issue by upgrading your plan. Calendy is free if you want a single calendar per user. Features can be upgraded and you can use the software for a large business as well (pricing plans).

Email Management



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Jilt is ideal for eCommerce and online store owners. Jilt is an email management platform that brings all the clutter in one place and sorts and arranges them so that it is easy for you to sift through them. You can also run email campaigns, follow-up with leads, and manage carts that customers abandoned. You can integrate this software with WooCommerce, Shopify, etc. The base price is 29$/month and it adds up according to your usage. 


GoZen Growth is for all of you who want to create personalized, professional, & measurable email marketing campaigns in minutes, and spend less time managing them. Let our email template library, autoresponder integrations, & powerful A/B testing features do the work for you. signup gozen for free and pricing starts from $8.



Boxer is a mobile phone application designed to handle reorganization of emails on your phone. You can sort your emails, assign them to categories or simply edit them in one go. It is also integrable with Salesforce, the world’s leading CRM. This added advantage gives it the edge above other email management applications. The user interface is friendly and you can customize your swipe actions to do a specific task. Pricing starts at 3.78$/month per device. One of the best entries on this list, Boxer makes email management very easy.

Social Media Management

Aritic PinPoint

Aritic PinPoint is a unified marketing automation software platform for marketing operations teams or SMEs. With social media integration, you can collect more leads via various groups and communities.Aritic helps you build your social presence and drive engagement with your B2B leads and customers. It will help you get all your social platforms streaming side-by-side. See what is happening where, what you posted where, and when – all at one glance. Add as many B2B social pages as you need to stream, track and monitor.

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Buffer is one the most popular social media management tools out there. It is both browser-based as well as app-based. You can use it as a scheduler to upload posts on different social media handles. Buffer allows you to tweak your content as well and it also helps boost reach and engagements. The social media management tool also has an amazing blog for you to check out. You can try the software for free or upgrade to ‘Pro’ for 15$/month. There are several pricing plans for businesses as well depending on the size of the company.


Nimble brings together the world of social media and the world of sales. All the leads that you collect from various social media can be managed via Nimble. Nimble is basically a CRM for social media leads management. It reduces the time that is spent on different platforms collecting contacts and entering them on a spreadsheet. As is the case with most CRMs, Nimble allows you to monitor these leads and take actions as required. Nimble is available for browsers as well as an application. Pricing starts at 9$/user/month.

Customer Support


Zendesk is basically a web application for ticket raising and resolutions between clients and your company. However, the application has more features to compliment this. You can add support options such as telephonic support, video, and document sharing. The software also smoothen workflow management and lets you sort out your customers in a single place. Zendesk also has a chatbot that can be embedded on different websites. The chatbot plugin can be integrated with popular CMSs such as WordPress. The pricing starts from 5$/agent/month. 


With different versions spread across platforms, Front is a versatile and robust software for customer management and support. There is even an offline desktop version you can work with. Apart from this, the basic mobile application and a web application allow incredible ease of access. When it comes to features, Front combines all your inboxes in a single place and these inboxes even include social media handles. You can filter through the messages and emails and add sorting ‘rules’ to see what you want to see. Pricing is also affordable with packages starting 15$/user/month. The ‘Enterprise’ package is the best for large businesses and is priced at 59$/user/month.


As technology is getting smarter and smarter, it is allowing more space for creative thinking and conceptual brainstorming. Let the machines do the dirty work for you so you can focus on critical problem solvings and turn in a big profit for your company.