10 Photo Editing Software And Apps

We love to edit our pictures and make them look good, don’t we? From merely cropping out the unwanted stuff to spending hours on tweaking an image, the levels of editing and the skill sets required are broad. You may use the in-built photo editor in your phone to simply add a filter before posting it on social media, or you may use sophisticated software to make your own unique filters. Like any technology, different photo editing software and apps are meant for people with different technical editing knowledge levels. We have curated a list of software to help you find the right one for your needs.

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe products always live up to their standards and actually set up the trends for the market and Lightroom is no different. Lightroom is more straightforward than Photoshop in terms of interface and is good for beginners and professionals. The software also has a tutorial that will help you get started in a few minutes. The range of features available is fantastic; blurring and fixing brushes, face detection, preset filters, professional filters, and support on multiple devices. Of course, the Creative Cloud feature also buffs up the accessibility of the software and the ease of team collaboration.

Pricing: Free trial for seven days. 797 INR (11 USD approx) per month after the trial.

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Adobe Photoshop

No list of photo editing software is complete without one of the best products by Adobe, Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop is sophisticated software for editing pictures with tons of features and toolsets which would take a while to cover. Some of the best features are multi-layer capabilities, 3D designing, working with advanced colors, and retouching functionalities. However, the toolset you might prefer is based on the use case. Photoshop’s interface can put off beginners, and the number of features it offers can also be overwhelming. The software is intended for professional use but once you get its hang, you get a lot of exciting stuff to work with. The learning curve is moderate to steep, depending on your use case again. Working with Photoshop  can be frustrating sometimes, you can make photoshop faster by using these tips.

Pricing: Free trial for seven days. 1675 INR (28 USD approx) per month after the trial.

ON1 Photo RAW

ON1 starts off with a bunch of helpful videos for you so that you may begin editing as soon as possible. Much like Adobe Photoshop, ON1 also offers a comprehensive set of capabilities and it can be overwhelming in the beginning. With time, however, it all settles in and you will begin to enjoy using the software. It is available on Windows and macOS and you can begin now by downloading the software. Some of the features that make ON1 unique are stackable filters, live adjustments, and effortless accessibility from multiple devices. Also, it works excellent with Lightroom and Photoshop so you can pair it up to edit a picture precisely the way you want.

Pricing: Free trial is available. One time purchase costs 99.9 USD for 5 different computers.

Corel PaintShop Pro

Corel is another big name that comes to mind when we think of editing software and tools. The latest version of Corel PaintShop Pro also has unique features that are specifically there to help photographers. Apart from this, the software is straightforward, no-nonsense, and simple in its interface. However, the simplicity is not reflective of its features; some of the best ones are 360-degree editing, RAW image processing, AI-powered presets, and SmartClone technology. Corel PaintShop Pro comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee that is great for someone curious about editing.

Pricing: One time buys for 79.99 USD.


Fotor is an online photo editor that also comes with a downloadable version for PCs. Fotor is simple and gets you off-foot instantly. You can import RAW images and add layers and filters or other RAW images on top. It also offers cloud support that allows users to save their work for the future. Although not as sophisticated as the other entries in the list that precede this one, Fotor compensates by being easy to understand and getting the job done quickly. This is the case with most online editors, so if you want to try photo editing without getting too technical, try Fotor or similar online editing platforms. Check out this article from Icarus Owen Photography to learn more about image sharpness.

Pricing: The basic version contains tons of features and is free. If you want more features, try Fotor Pro (8.99 USD per month) or Fotor Pro+ (11.99 USD per month). Check the link out for more information.


Inkscape is a unique photo editing software which is free of cost. Don’t let the free price tag fool you though because the features it offers are amazing. Available for download on Windows and macOS, Inkscape is full of exciting features such as color manipulation, text overlays, calligraphy capabilities, object cloning, etc. The software also comes with extensions and add-ons that you can use to buff up your editing domain. Finally, you can even add animations as layers on top of images. This unique feature lets you export media as GIFs as well. Vector graphic design is another area where Inkscape excels in.

Pricing: Free.

Photo Editing Applications For Mobile Devices

Google Photos

Platforms: Android and iOS.

Google Photos is a no-nonsense photo gallery and editing application. Although the functionalities set aren’t as sophisticated as some of the other entries in the list, the application does the job well. You can add filters, play around with brightness, contrast, warmth, and saturation, and crop photos on the go. It is simple to use and also has a backup feature that keeps your pictures safe on your Google Drive. If you are using a mac you can make a backup by using the external hard disk. Check out this guide on the best external HDD to decide which is best for you.


Platforms: Android and iOS.

If you love filters, you will love VSCO. The app has some of the best preset filters that are out there. Along with this, you can directly connect the application to your social media and upload your edits. VSCO is a futuristic application that also allows you to edit videos on the go. To add to this, you can share your edits with the VSCO community. The application comes free with 10 basic filters and you can purchase more according to your needs. 

Adobe Lightroom

Platforms: Android and iOS.

Adobe Lightroom for mobile devices brings many features from the desktop version to your hand-held devices. Although not as technical as its desktop counterpart, the best thing is that you can sync your work from your PC and manipulate those edits in your phone as well. Most features and tools are free, but the paid version does add more exciting and new capabilities to work with. Most of the photographers are using Adobe Lightroom to enhance their senior portrait’s quality. Check out these fantastic collections of the senior portrait on Nadine Nasby.

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Platforms: Android and iOS.

Prisma converts your camera captures into pieces of gorgeous art. It can convert your simple pictures into a popular style of art. You can choose the art form and it even shows art genres that are popular in your country. The app offers more than 250 different styles to choose from. Most of the photographers are using Prisma to enhance their senior portrait’s quality.


What you like or dislike about a software is unique to you. Some people are turned off by too much complexity, and some people love to dive into it. Editing pictures serve a purpose and if you are well-acquainted with that purpose, choosing the right photo editor will be a piece of cake. But if you’re looking for some photo editing services instead of using these tools, you can visit ClippingPartnerIndia.