Top Social Media Influencers You Should Follow In 2021

Social media is an inseparable part of our lives and impacts many of our minor plus major decisions without us even realising. It is embedded in our daily routines and there are only a lucky few who have managed to escape from its seduction. Therefore, it is natural that some personalities are decidedly more popular than others in the virtual world. Enter social media influencers. These are people who have carved a niche in the fickle virtual world with a dedicated mass following. Such is the power these personalities wield that they are able to change their followers’ behaviour only by their recommendations. Consequently, it’s no small wonder that using a social media influencer can do much to further a brand. It is one of the easiest ways to ensure that your product reaches the masses in a short time.

Social Media Marketing and influencers have given rise to ‘influencer marketing’ an effective form of digital marketing. These influencers have the ability to connect with not only their followers but also people connected to them; casting their digital web well and truly wide. So, which of these golden personalities are worth your data and time in 2021?

Neil Patel (Marketing)

The Forbes magazine has listed Neil Patel as one of the top 10 digital marketing influencers. Besides being a best-selling author, he has been called a top web influencer by the Wall Street Journal. The man has been recognised as the top 100 entrepreneurs under 30 to look out for both by the United Nations and former President, Obama. When it comes to SEO, his name tops the list.

All That Is She (Branding)

All That Is She with a follower count of 501K is an ideal influencer for creative content related to family and home. This family makes interesting content with their collaborators. Recently they have paired up with Lego, Clarks Shoes and eBay for influencer marketing. Follow them at their Instagram handle at @allthatisshe .

Camila Coelho (Beauty)

Camila Coelho is the top beauty influencer to follow in 2021. A classic rags to riches story, from a Dior make-up counter at Macy’s to becoming top global fashion influencer with an outreach of 15 million followers, her journey is worth following. She also works closely with the Epilepsy Foundation and uses her global outreach to end the stigma surrounding the disease. Coelho is a perfect combination of beauty with a purpose to follow on media platforms.

Brandon & Jorge (Food)

Some of these influencers have turned the tedious task of determining the daily menu and cooking three times a day into an adventure. Follow Brandon & Jorge for an exciting mix of food finds, reviews, coupons and exotic recipes. Just looking at their beautifully curated pages will make your stomach rumble!

Michelle Obama (Social Activism)

Former first lady Michelle Obama has a formidable social media presence. She uses the virtual platforms to support and publicise the causes she believes in, maintaining her persona of a style queen. A worthy voice; she speaks up for healthy eating, poverty awareness and education. She remains especially vocal about childhood obesity and its drawbacks.

Marco and Erica (Travel)

If you’re planning to travel in the coming year, why not follow some top travel influencers of 2021 and use their experience and expertise to guide you to a memorable vacation. Tap the follow button at @mochilamonkeys to follow Marco & Erica to gorgeous locations all over the globe. This Ecuadorian/German couple resides in Bali and share their travelling adventures with their 90.1K followers.

Tara McKenna (Sustainability)

There are plenty of influencers in the virtual world for those who believe in sustainable living and want to look out for ideas to reduce their carbon footprint. Tara McKenna, Founder of The Zero Waste Collective, has created a global community to share her zero waste ideas. You can also become a part of this global conversation. Her Instagram handle is @zero.waste.collective with 430000 followers.

Andy Anneville (Fashion and Fitness)

Crushing it in their designer fitness outfits, working out has never been so much fun. The energetic fitness influencers make fitness cool and accessible to millions of their followers and leg curls, squats and kettle-bell training has never looked so good. Andy Anneville’s profile will show at a glance how he mixes home workouts and gym training to keep his followers engaged. His follower count is 44.2K on Instagram. Andy’s daily motivational quotes are all that you require to charge up for a training session.

Also Follow…

Mom influencers have a disarming honesty and the ability to share their unfiltered lives with their audience which makes them authentic and endearing. @glitter_and_bubbles run by Angelina Calad curates fashion, beauty, and travel topics. She engages her audience with easy Pinterest-y ideas and recipes.

Of course, dad influencers are not far behind, @jasoncoffee is one such dad influencer to look out for in 2021. Jason Coffee bands up with his teenage children to create clever, silly, and entertaining videos.

Another dad to brighten up your day is Dave, a stay-at-home dad. Follow him at @the_dadventurer. You can find him also on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. His observations are both funny and honest.


Not only are niches like travelling, photography, beauty, fitness and wellness, making ample use of influencer marketing but politicians are also joining the party. It is crystal clear that no area has been left untouched by the realm of social influencers. The onus now shifts to the audience or followers to determine whether a particular influencer is using the power vested in them appropriately or not. 

Influencers can con gullible followers to use products that are not up to the mark or environment friendly. Influencers have been known to change their followers’ behaviour. Hence, it goes without saying that choosing to follow a particular celebrity should be a careful choice. Even then everything posted by social influencers should be taken with a pinch of salt and believed at one’s’ own peril. 

All said and done, the world of social media influencers is an ever-changing, exciting domain and they inject this adventure and excitement in the lives of their followers as well. So, fill your new year with fun, pizazz, glamour and zest with your favourite social media influencer.

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