Digital Marketing Influencers You Should Follow In 2021

The internet is such a huge space with so much content that one can get confused very easily. Especially in the field of digital marketing, there is a wide range of channels and everyone has something or the else to say about them. Amidst this noise, it is easy to get lost and off-track. If you are a digital marketer with an email marketing service you will hear many different suggestions and this can be detrimental. There are, of course, many ways to make an online business grow but some of them are better than the others. Therefore, it is crucial to recognise the people who have true knowledge of the field and can give out genuine advice. Fortunately, digital marketing influencers have created their own space and are making meaningful and helpful content everyday. Here is a list of some of the best ones in our opinion:

Neil Patel

Neil is the king of search engine optimization. A New York Times bestseller author and recognised by Forbes amongst the top 10 influencers, Neil Patel is one of the best in the business. The former president of the States, Barack Obama chose him to be amongst the top 100 entrepreneurs below the age of 30. With such a glittery background, Neil Patel is more of a brand than an individual. He loves to take on challenges and help businesses grow. His official website has tons of content for you to browse through and learn more about digital marketing. You can find a free SEO tool suite to help you begin. His original content includes blogs, podcasts, learning programs, and tons of other stuff.

Matt Bailey

Matt Bailey is a professional speaker and a digital marketing influencer who teaches marketers about analyzing data and learning the application of this data to turn into something meaningful. You can find training certifications, workshops, and online training courses to help you learn more about digital marketing and marketing in general. You can also read his blogs and listen to his podcasts which are all available on his official web space. His expertise consists of both B2B and B2C marketing and he is the proud author of books such as Wired To Be Wowed and Teach New Dog Old Tricks.  

Check out Jamie Turner’s blog to find out more inspirational speakers around the world.

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Marsha Collier

Marsha Collier, originally from New York, is an author and an educator specialising in e-commerce, digital marketing, and technology. She started her career on eBay and became the number one seller in time. She then wrote a helpful book to guide others on how to market on the aforementioned platform. As of now, she has authored more than 40 books and co-hosts a podcast with former KABC journalist Marc Cohen. Over the years, she has been the receiver of a number of accolades that speak positively about her presence and contribution to the field of digital marketing. You can follow her on LinkedIn or purchase her enlightening books to learn more about her and her experiences in the field.

Ryan Deiss

CEO of, Ryan Deiss is an innovative individual who likes to come up with new digital marketing methodologies. He is the maker of ‘customer value optimization’, a successful technique that has given very positive returns. Ryan Deiss is well-known in the entrepreneurial scenario and is respected by top executives around the world. Shark Tank star Daymond John has called Ryan Deiss’ companies as owners of almost all of the internet. Ryan is also an author and a speaker and has written many books. Follow him on his social media handles to keep updated about Ryan Deiss and his recent projects.

Eric Sui

Eric Sui gained spotlight when he shared a common space with Neil Patel on the Marketing School podcast. He has strategized digital marketing plans for big companies such as Uber and Amazon. He is the CEO of ClickFlow, an investor, and an author. His book, Leveling Up’ is a great read for digital marketers and those who want to learn about the field. ClickFlow is a software that lubricates SEO and gives you a wide range of functionalities. Eric Sui is worth following if you want to understand the intricacies of digital marketing.

Lilach Bullock

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Lilach Bullock is one of the top 20 digital marketing influencers according to Forbes. Her official website is a treasure of helpful digital marketing tools and guides. She has a cutting-edge expertise in content writing, SEO, and writing software reviews. You can also check out the free resources that are available on her website. Lilach has been active for 15 years and uses this experience to help businesses cultivate resources and get returns in the form of new clients. She started her first company in the year 2006 named Asklilach. After its success, she has been working on building new and innovative digital marketing tools.

Travis Marziani

Travis Marziani hosts a free podcast where he talks about ecommerces and tips to grow your online store and attract more customers. Travis talks in detail about SEO, Google Adwords, Facebook ads, and social media marketing. With this podcast, you can learn a lot. What you will learn is transparent and genuine. His background story is an inspirational one as well; it will surely motivate those who are looking to start a new business and are struggling with reaching out to the masses. His company, Performance Nut B is now a success. Travis loves to help new businesses grow.

Brian Solis

Brian has been involved in technology for more than 30 years. He is a best-selling author and has written seven books on how technology influences businesses. His books are an awesome read for entrepreneurs as well as well-established businessmen. He is also an amazing public speaker. Follow him on LinkedIn to keep updated about him.

Jennifer Polk

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Jennifer excels in multichannel marketing and ecommerces. She is the lead at Gartner for marketers. She also excels in teaching and innovating new digital marketing techniques. Jennifer’s work is research-based and she has streamlined the delivery of research to marketing professionals. 

Joanna Wiebe

Joanna started Copy Hackers in 2011 and is the cofounder of AirStory. AirStory is a drop and drag, user-friendly tool that helps content writers make new content easily. This tool has helped a huge number of content writers, She has worked with a large array of companies such as Crazy Egg, Tesco, BT, etc. It is safe to say that she excels in lubricating content writing for digital marketers.  

Gaurav Tiwari
Gaurav started digital marketing way back in 2008. He is a blogger and digital marketer who aims to help businesses, bloggers and students do better. He runs Gatilab, a content marketing agency focused on growth and impact. Gatilab has powered over 500 clients globally. On his blog, Gaurav writes articles about Tech, Education, Marketing and Finance.


It is crucial to follow the right people when it comes to learning anything new or understanding the complexities of any field. It is pretty easy to recognise the good digital marketers though since they are using the same platforms that others use to reach out to people. The popularity of digital marketing influencers on the internet is a trust-stamp of the quality of their work.