Making Infratel stand out

Play Hard Party Harder – the Facebook application has been launched by mobile phone service provider, Airtel. The application has been conceptualised by Rediffusion Y&R and developed by Ideaz Inc. Unlike various branded Facebook applications, which engage users online; a new application called ‘Play Hard, Party Harder’ aims to engage and connect users with each other in the real world. The idea is to enable sports fans to watch events and party together at restaurants or nightclubs in their locality. To begin with, the application will be used to bring together FIFA World Cup followers or fans. For this, Facebook members will be required to access or sign-in to the application, available at and then provide some basic details. For instance, users have to select three football teams they love or hate, enter their location and provide their mobile phone numbers.After the registration process, the application automatically displays information about other members of the application, who love or hate the same football teams. In this way, users can connect online and add each other as friends.

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