Top 20 Online Logo Design Websites

A logo is the identity of your brand. It is the very first impression that someone gets about your brand. Whether you are starting a new business or overhauling your existing brand, a new logo design is crucial. A surprisingly large amount of research and work goes into designing a logo. Big companies design logos which gives the overall essence of their organization. It is only natural that any brand aiming for greatness does the same.

We have compiled a list of 20 online logo making tools that can kickstart your brand with the greatest of ease.


Canva is one of the most popular logo designing tools available on the internet. You can also download the application version of it. Canva gives you the option to choose from thousands of templates for logos, banners, posters, brochures, and much more. You can change the color scheme and resize elements and shapes. All the basics of photo editing are included in Canva. With the paid version, you can export logos with transparent backgrounds that work great for websites and social media handles.


Picmaker provides hundreds of logo templates that give you endless customization opportunities. Be it colors, fonts, gradients, or icons, it lets you tweak their designs any way you want to suit your personal or business logo. Moreover, its free logo maker app enables you to download your logos and designs effortlessly, for free. Download them in your favorite format – PNG, JPEG, PDF, and more.

Tailor Brands

Intended for up and coming startups and new businesses, designs and capabilities available at Tailor Brands are unique. As is the case with others, you only require to give in your name and industry and voila! Your logo designs are ready for shipping. Apart from this, you can make social media posts, banners, and display pictures for your brand. Everything at Tailor Brands is free. Jump into the bandwagon now and join more than thousands of people who are using Tailor Brands to design their logos.


With a beautiful UI/UX and a smooth and lubricated execution, GraphicSprings is a logo designing tool that is meant for professionals as well as small businesses. Use their logos on websites, business cards, and social media. Their simplistic approach is very easy to understand. You can make designs for other stuff too. GraphicSprings also has a database of logo ideas that can help you get inspiration for designs.

Logo Genie

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Logo Genie by Circle Studio is a fast and reliable online logo maker that offers many designs to get you and your brand started quickly. You can get your logo in three simple steps; just choose a design, then customize it at your leisure and then download it.  You can filter the designs to choose from using keywords that fit your brand or industry.

Hipster Logo Generator

This logo maker takes things more toward the funky side. If you are an artist or a creative person, Hipster Logo Generator is the tool for you. Jump straight to designing logos without any hurdles. Check the link in the heading to begin now. The UI is simplistic and modern and appeals to people who have little knowledge of designing.  Hipster Logo Generator takes you through small and easy steps to design a logo that you are satisfied with.


Save time and money with Hatchful’s powerful logo designing capabilities. Choose from 100s of different pre-existing designs and templates to get started quickly. Hathful gives you fully-loaded branding packages where you can get brand assets for different social media platforms. The design canvas and studio are easy to grasp and quick to work with. The available designs are crafted keeping your specific industry in mind. Design amazing logos with Hatchful and impress your audience and clients.

Logotype Maker

At just 1.99 euros per month, you can make high quality logos, resize them, and get unlimited access to your designed logos. At a small extra price, you can make unlimited changes to your logo and design them in vector format. Logotype Maker logos are professional looking and allow you a lot of flexibility. The pricing fits right into the budget of small businesses and the final product is almost always worth it.

Logo Garden

You can select from a wide range of pre-existing templates or start from scratch. Divided into these two parts, Logo Garden allows you to make logos that can be downloaded in high resolution and vector formats. Select colors and fonts, and apply filters and layouts to design the logo you want. The custom logo maker is a powerful tool and has vast designing functionalities.


This no-nonsense logo designing tool jumps straight to the point. Open up the link and you land directly on the logo designing canvas. LogoMakr wastes no time and is one of the fastest logo designing tools on this list. You can search from over more than one million graphics and assets.

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Looka’s logo maker is powered by AI to help you make the logo that fits great with your brand. With a great client base of companies such as Google, Forbes, and Huffpost, Looka allows you the freedom to customize your logos with great options. You need zero designing skills to make logos with Looka and the final product is worth it.


Whether you want social media designs, logos, application icons, or business card designs, Brandmark has it all. As the name suggests, Brandmark is crafted to help you boost your brand to a whole other level. A one-time payment of 25 USD will get you started with the basic features (logos in PNG format). Designer packages start at 65 USD and allow you to make more designs for your brand. If you are looking to get just a logo, the basic package will suffice.


cheap dedicated server, domain and hosting provider that also has tools that help you design gorgeous logos for your brand, Namecheap offers paid services. The logo designer tool can be used without buying any domain or hosting and is free of cost. Logos are easily customizable and the flexibility offered is much better than most other logo makers.. The logo designer tool can be used without buying any domain or hosting and is free of cost. Logos are easily customizable and the flexibility offered is much better than most other logo makers.

Square Space

Squarespace oozes class and professionalism. Get a premium looking website logo and other features with Squarespace. You can also make use of their SEO tools and email marketing capabilities. Squarespace’s products are a complete package required to build a fantastic online presence. When it comes to their logo designer, the studio is efficient and easy to understand.

DesignHill Logo Maker

If you don’t have any experience designing logos, DesignHill Logo Maker is the place to go. Powered by machine learning algorithms, DesignHill helps you design logos quickly and without any issues. You can make scores of logos within a few minutes. The amazing testimonials by top professionals and entrepreneurs speak for itself. More than 10 million logos have already been shipped by DesignHill.


Zyro is another amazing website designer with a logo maker as one of its side products. Packages start from as little as 1.99 USD per month with options to expand. Fortunately, for using only the logo maker, you do not have to pay anything. You can make fully customizable logos with Zyro with just a few clicks. Zyro logo maker uses the power of AI to understand your requirements and gives you the best templates to choose from.

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Ucraft’s logo making tool allows you to integrate the design in your Ucraft website or export it to use someplace else. Much like Canva, Ucraft offers many templates and logo designs to get you started. You can build a free website using Ucraft or purchase paid versions to expand your use cases. Of course, with the free version, features are pretty limited, so we suggest using the paid packages.


Designmatic is a graphics design software and has an online logo maker. Just enter the name of your company and the industry you work in. Designmatic will output a series of relevant logos for websites and visiting cards. You can change the assets of the logo and add custom images to it as well. Everything is customizable and Designmatic has a database of thousands of industry-specific logo templates.

Free Logo Design

Just like Designmatic, enter your company’s name and the industry to choose from various pre-designed templates. The logo making process is really fast and the designs are ideal for new brands as well as established institutions. Everything is free of charge as well. Just customize the template and download the logo for use anywhere.


Shopify is a famous ecommerce making platform for businesses. As is the case with all good companies in this business, Shopify helps you build your brand from scratch including fantastic looking logos. Apart from this, you can integrate your logo with your Shopify portal or use it anywhere else. Shpify’s logo maker is powered by intelligent algorithms that allows you to design the logo of your dreams.

Free Logo Service

Free Logo Services allow you to make logos fast. Just input your company name, a tagline, and an industry and get templates to choose from. It is not a free tool though and the logos are watermarked if you use the free version.


With technology, designing logos and social media assets have become very easy. You can save a lot of money by using these tools instead of going to a professional designer. Of course, an offline touch has its pros, but if you are just starting your business, online tools are the way forward. Use these logo makers to impress people who visit your website.