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Crash course on golf courtesy Volvo cars

Ideazinc has been handling the digital presence of Volvo Car for the past four years. Adventures have been far too many to put down in writing, but the best past is the journey with Volvo. Handling their online presence along with their social media has been a challenging part, but when IdeazInc was briefed on the Volvo World Golf Challenge in India, we knew we had a lot to look forward to.

This is a one of a kind event which will be run by the Volvo Car Corporation in India and the PGTI – the Professional Golf Tour of India across the nation.

Each Volvo dealership will host a golf tournament this year which will be supervised by the PGTI. The best-placed finishers at each event will qualify for the national final in New Delhi later in the year, at which the two leading golfers will win an invitation to compete in the World Final next January.

The Volvo World Golf Challenge will be broadcast on national television and will offer a potential combined household reach of more than 100 million viewers.

IdeazInc has been at the forefront of developing the online strategy of this event along with several key partners. All areas such as response management, overall management of data, content, upgrading data will be taken care of by the Ideazinc team. Know more about the Volvo World Golf Challenge at













Marking milestones with UN Women

UN Women is the global champion of women and girls. In South Asia, UN Women has been responsible for empowering women in the region, creating awareness about their rights and training them to be active participants in the political process. Part of their mandate also has been educating women and girls about their potential and their rights as citizens of democratic republics. Slow yet steady change has been seen; women are now daring to step out of the confines of their homes.

But, what has IdeazInc got to do with UN Women? Well, we are privileged to be a part of this monumental change initiated by UN Women. We’ve designed, developed and managed the UN Women South Asia website which showcases and documents their work in India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Afghanistan, Maldives, Sri Lanka and Pakistan.

The birth of a legend

The story of Pixpa begins on one fine, not-so sunny day. We were just packing up to leave the office when we received a frantic call from one of our photographer buddies. Barely through with him were we, when the phone rang again. Two of our artist friends had a serious problem too. While we tried to listen, we were told that a designer mate was knocking our door off its hinges.

What was the matter with them? Just one complaint: they couldn’t find the right portfolio website!

The bags were left unpacked and we got thinking.

That evening, Pixpa was born and the rest, as they say, is history.

Pixpa’s arrival banished a few things, such as inflexibility, poor design, limited space. With Pixpa, every creative professional could showcase his/her work in the way they’d always dreamed of.

Designed and conceptualized by Ideazinc, Pixpa is smart, stylish and simple. It gives the user more than a hundred, yes, that’s right, styles to pick from. It gives them the power to change the look of the website according to their mood or their client’s temperament. To make life easier, Pixpa also comes with its own knowledge base so that users can find the answers to all their questions as soon as possible.

Its support team is on their toes 24/7 so that the happy subscribers across the globe stay happy.

Our friends have never been happier. Infact, they’ve brought their friends along too. Pixpa’s getting some rave reviews, but we don’t like to keep talking about ourselves. See it for yourself at

“Is that the manager speaking?”

We’ve scoured libraries, challenged branding and design academic buzz and busted scale and profitability myths. We’ve juggled clients, power-cuts and disappointment with ease. But, on that fateful Friday, we were at our wit’s end.

Judging by the consternation writ large on our faces, an innocent by-stander might have assumed that we were trying to discover how to make petrol out of beer or solving ‘Coal’gate.

We were trying to book a hotel in peak season.

We arrived, finally!



All the General's men and women get to work


Come Thursday, the ‘friend’ in the hills flummoxed us with his decision to renovate the hotel a day before our arrival. We appreciated the gesture; good fellow, trying so hard to please us. However, on Friday, things took a slightly new turn. We were told that our reservations had been cancelled and we were not welcome.

The mountains melted in front of our very eyes. Dreams of conquering the rapids and playing Survivor-man evaporated in the summer heat. The shame of it all! Our Facebook and Twitter statuses were already talking about the expected fun on arrival.

All eyes were now on General G, who had been surveying the mad scramble for a while now. He jumped right into the thick of it. Phones were ringing. Multiple browsers were finding. Search engines were whirring. Friends of friends of friends were being called. Relatives were being dug out of the forgotten parts of phone memory. The office was reverberating with the sound of “Is this the manager speaking?”

Then, like the miracle of Christmas morning, one man agreed to take us in. We sighed together, just as we drove together the next morning.

Major A is in for an explanation on Monday.

Photographs courtesy Krishna (We couldn’t bear his tantrums anymore)

Here’s why we can’t wait to work on Pioneer…

For starters, they are history makers. From the first A 8 dynamic speaker developed by their founder Nozomu Matsumoto in 1937 to the world’s first ever car CD player, Pioneer has truly lived up to its name. Challenging boundaries is child’s play for the Pioneer team and we have to admit, we love that attitude.

This May, Ideazinc gears up to be a part of this dynamic team and create a bit of history too.

IdeazInc will be responsible for re-developing their website and managing their overall digital presence. Know more about us at

IdeazInc meets the Avengers

Last Friday was take-office-to-the-movies-day at IdeazInc. So, off we went. All of us, from the top to the bottom of the food chain, were packed into five cars and two motor bikes. The hot sultry afternoon was a pain, and we couldn’t wait to get inside the movie hall. A lot of mind-boggling losing one another later, we were inside the auditorium. We looked a little crazy with those over-sized 3D glasses but what can we do, 3D super-heroism is the order of the day.

Meanwhile, brand design, print design, website management, front end development, word press, and their friends took a backseat as the great green Hulk, blonde Thor, Iron/Witty Man, Captain (never-grow-old) America and Agent Natasha got together to beat Loki, the villain, into pulp.

Space creatures, cubes of iridium, portals, flying air strips, crumbling towers were unleashed in true-blue Hollywood style as we slid into our seats, dug into the popcorn and thanked God for the little mercies of life.

But how could our movie experience be complete till we’ve  forgotten something under our seats? One of our home-grown geniuses was true to this ancient tradition and forgot their 3D glasses under their seat. The security guard didn’t seem to like this joke and stopped us on the way out. It was seventeen to one and peace was restored immediately.

By now the team was in a jolly good mood. We got talking! In fact, bits of comic trivia, cartoon character history and general confusion sparked off a passionate debate on the sidewalk.

Our inimitable Creative Director, Gurpreet, was asked to intervene. And we quote, “Avengers, we go our own ways now. We will meet again when the world needs us. For now, disappear.”

Well, like they say, the boss knows best.

Share and publish your portfolio galleries anywhere on the web using embeddable

Today, Pixpa ( launched the ability for its portfolio website users to publish and share their portfolio galleries anywhere on the web. Pixpa users can now publish their photo galleries directly on their Facebook wall, any website or blog or a number of social networks as a beautiful, interactive slideshow with full navigation controls. Users can publish single or multiple galleries by simply selecting galleries in EasyStudio – the online control panel for managing Pixpa portfolio websites. Click here to see this in action.

The interactive slideshow is branded with the user’s identity and links to a full screen photo gallery slideshow on the user’s portfolio website. Pixpa users can also use this feature to share specific galleries as stand-alone slideshows with clients.

Gurpreet Singh, CEO, Pixpa says – “We feel that the ability to share and publish work across the web is a very important tool for any photographer, artist or designer to reach out to a distributed audience online. Creative professionals can now take their work to their audience, rather than wait for people to visit their website. The embeddable slideshows also are a great tool for driving traffic to one’s portfolio website by sharing selected works”.

Showcasing your portfolio online gets easy with Pixpa

Are you a photographer, artist or creative professional on the lookout for a professional portfolio website to build your brand and market your work online? You need not look any further. For Pixpa is the one-stop portfolio website solution to professionally showcase your work.

Pixpa is designed by experts to present your work in a clean, crisp, user-friendly professional website. The websites are built to the specifications of creative professionals keeping in mind that every photographer, artist or designer has their own unique style and distinct body of work. The wide range of pre-designed templates on offer by Pixpa are focused on showcasing your work. The designs are unobtrusive and intuitive and present large high quality images in a clean and clutter-free environment. At any point of time if you feel like changing the design template, Pixpa gives you the option to do so in a seamless manner.

The easy to use three way navigation system – view next / previous controls, thumbnail based gallery view and slideshow view enables visitors to your site to browse your portfolio galleries in a flawless manner.
All Pixpa websites are fully loaded with powerful and relevant features like a very flexible and expandable menu structure that enables to create unlimited image/video galleries, editable information pages and external links for your site. You can also create password protected galleries for client access, a home page slideshow of up to 5 images that best represent your work and make the perfect first impression. Your Pixpa portfolio website also comes with a Guest Book for visitors’ feedback, full integration with Google Analytics, a Search Engine friendly HTML mirror site for SEO and I-Phone compatible mirror site.

Your Pixpa portfolio website will work with your own personalized domain name. In case you haven’t booked a domain name yet, don’t fret, for Pixpa can register a domain on your behalf. All Pixpa websites are hosted on state-of-the art hosting infrastructure to ensure reliable delivery of your website to potential clients. So with hosting, site maintenance, renewals, upgrades, security and everything else taken care of, all you need to focus on is showcasing your portfolio.

A zero-hassles fully-managed website with such great features, I certainly am impressed. Aren’t you?

Announcing the winner of Contrast

It’s our pleasure to announce the winner of Contrast – The Second Pixpa Photo Challenge 2010 – Summer Rain by Bob Havard.

The winner was selected from a wide selection of 1200 diverse, evocative expressions that we received as entries for this photo contest. We would like to thank all the participants for the overwhelming response to this contest.